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YuGiOh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light

The events of Battle City and the Paradise arcs have just concluded, and Yugi now owns all three Egyptian God Cards. Seto Kaiba longs to finally defeat Yugi, and he suspects that since Maximillion Pegasus created the Egyptian God Cards, he would have also created a way to beat them.
During the duel, Yugi is starting to suspect that there are dark forces at work – especially when Kaiba activates a trap card called the Pyramid of Light, which not only bears a striking resemblance to the pyramid in the museum, but also removes the Egyptian Gods from play; it also sucks Yugi, Joey and Tristan’s souls into the Millennium Puzzle, and later Téa as well. During the duel, as Yugi and Kaiba lose Life Points, they begin to lose their own life force as well. Before long, Kaiba has his Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon on the field, but to Yugi’s surprise, he sacrifices it to summon an even stronger monster, the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon.

Putting his faith into the cards, Yugi draws the Double Spell card, which allows him to discard a card to activate Monster Reborn from the graveyard. He uses it to revive Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon and destroys the Pyramid of Light, after it is weakened by Yugi inside the Millennium Puzzle, which also releases him, Joey, Tristan and Téa. Anubis then summons Theinen the Great Sphinx with the Pyramid of Light around his neck. Yugi then uses the Reverse of Reverse trap card to use the Return from the Different Dimension placed face-down by Kaiba to return the Egyptian God Cards and use them to defeat Anubis’s monster. Anubis is seemingly defeated, but a giant jackal arises from the remains of the Pyramid and attempts to kill Yugi and his friends. Kaiba and Yugi join forces and summon the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, which destroys Anubis once and for all.

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