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The Digital World had become so overpopulated that the super computer, Yggdrasil, that governed the Digital World could no longer handle it. His solution was to destroy the majority of Digimon with the X-Program. He chose a very small percentage to be moved to a new Digital World because he planned to destroy the old Digital World. Those who were not chosen but survived anyway and moved to the new world had a rare gift known as theX-Antibody, this antibody when activated changed their appearance and made them more powerful. Yggdrasil is protected by the Royal Knights, including OmnimonGallantmonand Magnamon, who eliminate X-Antibody Digimon. They are three of the four Royal Knights seen in the Movie the fourth being Alphamon.
One of the outcasts is a strange, furry dragon-like Digimon named DorumonDorumonwas rejected by other Digimon, and was attacked by a Leomon who wanted his X-Antibody. Leomon eventually died and asked Dorumon to live for him. Meanwhile,WarGreymon X tried to make peace with a group of normal Digimon and X Digimon, but Omnimon shows up and eliminates them all except WarGreymon X and Tokomon. The two crash land at a temple where Dorumon lived. WarGreymon X left Tokomon in Dorumon's care and draws Omnimon's fire. Omnimon fights them later, seriously wounding Tokomon and Dorumon. MetalGarurumon X and WarGreymon X show up to battle Omnimon. MetalGarurumon X was mortally wounded and apparently dies, but not before giving his X-Antibody to the fatally injured Tokomon. Dorumon, anguished by the sight, digivolved into Dorugamon. WarGreymon X draws their fire and just before Omnimon attacked, Gallantmon intervened. Gallantmon believed Yggdrasil's plan to eliminate the X-Digimon and all associated with them was wrong, but when he tried to convince Omnimon of his view, he was impaled by Omnimon's blade. Before his apparent death, Gallantmon mentions to Omnimon that there is something he needed to check. He then dissolved into data and seemingly dies. Magnamon later kidnaps Dorugamon and extracted his data.
Dorugamon is left for dead in a junkyard and is taken into hiding by WarGreymon X's troops, including WizardmonMummymon andSilphymon. The forces of Yggdrasil later attack and the Digimon defend themselves, Dorugamon eventually digivolving to his Ultimate form, Dorugreymon. Gallantmon X and MetalGarurumon X, who somehow survived Omnimon's attack, later join the fight. Gallantmon X opened the way to Yggdrasil's domain where Omnimon and Magnamon await. Just as Omnimon was about to dismember Dorugreymon, DoruGreymon digivolved into Alphamon. Omnimon, intrigued by this revelation and persuaded by Alphamon, decided to confront Yggdrasil. Magnamon refused to go with them and stated his loyalty to Yggdrasil but did nothing to stop them besides warning the super computer. Before they reached the chamber, Yggdrasil summoned DexDorugoramon, who was created by the data stolen from Dorugamon earlier, to fight them. Alphamon destroyed the creature easily, and he and Omnimon proceeded to Yggdrasil's chamber. They demanded to know Yggdrasil's reason for destroying so many Digimon but the computer's only answer was to summon the remains of DexDorugoramon, which reconfigure to form Dexmon. The beast trapped Omnimon in its claws. When Alphamon tried to free Omnimon, he realized that Dexmon was his other half, born from Yggdrasil's extraction. Knowing this, Alphamon impaled himself along with Dexmon with his sword, Ouryuuken. When Omnimon demanded why he did it, he explained how Dexmon was his "shadow" and that was what he would have become if he had not met his friends. With the last of his strength, he gave his X-Antibody to Omnimon, who consequently became Omnimon X, before reabsorbing Dexmon and regressing back into a barely alive Dorumon. Omnimon, his eyes now fully opened to Yggdrasil's injustice, raised his blade and destroyed the computer with the All Delete attack. With the Digital World restored, Omnimon observed the landscape with his friend Gallantmon as the two pondered over why Yggdrasil did what he did. Gallantmon concluded that Yggdrasil, just like every other being, was simply "trying to live". Meanwhile, Dorumon returned home and was joyfully reunited with Tokomon X.
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