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Full Metal Alchemist 2 : Brotherhood DVD OVAs Collection

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Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood :The Blind Alchemist
Edward and Alphonse visit an alchemist who supposedly performed a successful Human Transmutation Edward and Alphonse hear of a blind alchemist named Jude who had supposedly performed a successful human transmutation. Meeting up with him, Jude reveals to Ed that a young girl named Rosalie was resurrected through alchemy, with his eyes paid for in equivalent exchange. However, the Madam refuses to teach Ed about the techniques used. Rosalie leads Al to a room with what appears to be a little girl's shriveled corpse inside. She reveals this as the result of the real Rosalie's transmutation, while she herself is a girl named Amy, who was adopted due to her similar appearance to Rosalie. Alphonse is surprised to learn that it is not in fact a corpse, but is alive, in a way similar to him. As Ed arrives on the scene, the Madam tells him that her late husband kept the truth about the transmutation failure from Jude, who truly wanted to resurrect Rosalie. Ed and Al then leave, carrying this knowledge with them as well.(wiki)
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Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood :Simple People
While on their way back to Resembool to have Ed's arm repaired, Ed and Al buy earrings as souvenirs for Winry to prevent her from getting mad about the broken automail. Later on, Ed fights an assassin and his automail gets broken again, and he buys more earrings for Winry to avoid her wrath. Winry explains that she decided to pierce her ears after meeting Riza on the day Ed decided to become a State Alchemist. Meanwhile, Riza explains to her colleague that she grew her hair long after meeting Winry that same day. Her colleague comments on how simple a reason that is, and Riza says that reasons are always simple. To explain her choice, she remarks that they are all living in a simple world - where when they pull the trigger, their enemies die.(Wiki)
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Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood :Tales of The master
ack when Izumi was 18, then known as Izumi Harnet, she travels to meet the alchemist, Silver Steiner, and request to be his apprentice. Giving her only a knife, he tells her to survive one month in Mt. Briggs before she can become his apprentice. On the second day, she is found by some Briggs guards, but manages to beat them and take their food rations. On the eighth day, she is close to starving to death, but then becomes motivated to survive. As she learns to defend herself and live off of the wildlife, she realizes the meaning behind alchemy: that one is all, and all is one. However, returning after a month, it is revealed she had been talking to Silver's older brother, Gold Steiner, who is actually a fighter. Annoyed, Izumi beats him up and leaves. The OVA ends with an exaggerated look on the first meeting between Izumi and Sig.(Wiki)
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Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood :Yet Another Man’s of Battlefield

Roy Mustang, 18 years of age, has joined the military and meets his rival, and best friend Maes Hughes. Throughout, they push each other to their limits and meet an Ishvalan named Heathcliffe Arbor, and the three of them form a short-lived friendship until the Ishval Civil War.
During the war, Maes is required to shoot Heathcliffe to save Roy, a decision which tears Roy apart, making him speak against the war for causing them to kill countrymen. Maes shows him his determination and gives Roy time to pull himself together.
After the war, on their return to Central City, Maes meets Gracia Hughes with a smile and Roy leaves sadly, commenting that Maes is stronger than him.(wiki)
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